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Friday, 14 October 2011

Carboxytherapy – Combat Dark Under-Eye Circles with Dr Ariel Haus

                                                                          Before & After

Dr Ariel Haus has been using Carboxytherapy at his Brazilian clinic for 10 years and is delighted to announce its arrival at his Harley Street Clinic in London. His most sought after treatment request has been for the treatment of dark under-eye circles also known as ‘bags’ under the eyes and Dr Haus sees this as the ideal treatment for an overworked city like London where looking good counts.

A very minimally-invasive treatment which is safe and fast and can be done in around 5 minutes, the treatment of dark under-eye circles will showcase a profound improvement in the skin texture and contour as the majority of dark under-eye circles are caused by poor circulation beneath the lower eyelids. Rejuvenating this area with Carboxytherapy is an excellent way to bid farewell to those undesired dark circles/bags.
Dr Ariel Haus injects a small amount of carbon dioxide gas just beneath the skin of the lower eyelid; this is virtually painless and risk-free. Around 2-4 treatments are needed and in some cases 6 all spaced one week apart. The results following the injections are that circulation increases and dark under-eye circles improve and most look to have completely disappeared.

Carboxytherapy dates back to the 1930s and by using this additional carbon dioxide the body recovers from poor blood flow and in turn the body reacts by increasing the oxygen flow to the target area (in this case under-eye circles).

Furthermore Carboxytherapy increases collagen formation in the skin by giving it a more youthful appearance.

Dr Ariel Haus is registered as a medical practitioner in Brazil, the United Kingdom and Portugal. The specific non-invasive cosmetic treatments that Dr. Haus offers are:
• Skin peels to remove the effects of sun damage and also to rejuvenate the skin
• Treatments to address wrinkles and frown lines
• Dermal fillers (bioplasty and Restylane SUBQ) to smooth out deeper wrinkles and lines
• Skin treatments, rejuvenation and hair removal using eMax laser  
• Body sculpting, cellulite and fat removal with Velashape, the latest technology to achieve non-surgical liposuction.

In addition to his private clinic in Harley Street, London, Dr. Haus also works in the NHS and by arrangement is also able to see patients in Rio de Janeiro.

Dr Ariel Haus only uses non-invasive treatments and medicines that have been approved by the relevant regulators in the U.K. In most cases, these procedures have also been approved for use in other countries in Europe and the United States.

Carboxytherapy sessions are priced from £180.00 for one session.  

10 Harley Street, London W1G 9PF 020 7467 1525

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