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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

CO2 Treatments with Dr Ariel Haus Targeting Wrinkles/Crows Feet/Scars

Dr Ariel Haus has been delivering solutions to wrinkles, crow’s feet and scars with the use of CO2RE; a versatile fractional CO2 resurfacing system at his Harley Street clinic in London. The equipment that Dr Haus uses along with his expertise in anti-ageing enables precise targeting and effective treatment of the skin’s surface, middle and deep dermal levels.

The treatments offered using CO2 are ideal for skin rejuvenation and wrinkle reduction, whilst there is some downtime, results are reached with speed and efficiency and with less discomfort than some other systems. Dr Ariel Haus discusses areas like downtime in detail with each patient for joint treatment pattern decisions.

Dr Ariel Haus uses various treatment modes including four fractional ablative treatment modes and pattern shapes including:
• CO2RE Light – providing superficial fractional treatments in the epidermis increasing epidermal cell proliferation
• CO2RE Mid – penetrating more deeply for a stronger fractional ablative effect, producing additional coagulated tissue below the dermal-epidermal junction
• CO2RE Deep – penetrating through to the dermis for the deepest fractional ablative effect, surrounded with significant coagulated tissue deeper into the dermis
• CO2RE Fusion – A unique scan pattern combines treatment depths and intensity of thermal injuries to optimise treatment in the epidermis and dermis simultaneously

Dr Ariel Haus is registered as a medical practitioner in Brazil, the United Kingdom and Portugal. The specific non-invasive cosmetic treatments that Dr. Haus offers are:
• Skin peels to remove the effects of sun damage and also to rejuvenate the skin
• Treatments to address wrinkles and frown lines
• Dermal fillers (bioplasty and Restylane SUBQ) to smooth out deeper wrinkles and lines
• Skin treatments, rejuvenation and hair removal using eMax laser
• Body sculpting, cellulite and fat removal with Velashape, the latest technology to achieve non-surgical liposuction.

In addition to his private clinic in Harley Street, London, Dr. Haus also works in the NHS and by arrangement is also able to see patients in Rio de Janeiro.

Dr Ariel Haus only uses non-invasive treatments and medicines that have been approved by the relevant regulators in the U.K. In most cases, these procedures have also been approved for use in other countries in Europe and the United States. &
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